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    After the huge success of Maria di Venosa from the year before in Martina Franca, artistic director Alberto Triola decided to trust Nikos Lagousakos with something that had never been done before in Martina. A SHOW! The occasion ? 40 years of history of one of the most prestigious Festivals of Bel Canto in Italy, il Festival Della Valle D’Itria.
    Nikos conceived a show that highlighted the most important moments of the festival’s long history. Omer Welber at the podium led l’Orchestra Internazionale del Italia and Antonio Greco did the same with his baroc ensemble. Live music was every now and then interrupted by the original recordings in which the Palazzo Ducale has always been present.
    A very risky experiment, artistically and techinically that couldnt have been crowned but with success with Nikos having next to him, newcomer to the festival dramaturg Anghela Alò, and of course the return of the Venosiani, associate choreographer Dimitra Kritikidi, video artist Matthias Schnabel and light designer Giuseppe Calabro, while Manuel Pedretti did for once again miracles with his costumes.
    Fattoria Vittadini, a young and talented dance company from Milano were the protagonists of the stories told on stage, with a group 15 actors/figuranti and of course the beutiful voices of the singers that had particiapted in other productions of that edition.

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