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    Together with the rest of the Greek nation, Nikos was thrilled when Juan Antonio Samaranch announced that Athens would be the city to host the Olympic Games in 2004. Finally they were coming back home. That exact moment of the announcement, it was when Nikos put as a goal to be in the Olympic stadium the day of the Opening Ceremony and put his little stone to what would years later have made millions of Greek proud.

    In June 2003 and after having graduated with a Bachelor in Choreography from the SNDO of Amsterdam, Nikos came back to Greece to join Aggeliki Stelatou and Fotis Nikolaou, that were leading a team of local assistant choreographers, working on both ceremonies. A beautiful daily creative process started, very different to what the international ceremony world had been used to. Even though Nikos was living his dream, still there was something missing from the picture. He was curious of how does someone put a big show like this together. What kind of know how is needed and how can one learn it…? And then, he met Wanda Rokicki and Bryn Walters, and a month later Doug Jack. They had the answers! The international mass choreo team brought Nikos on board as their assistant and official interpreteur of the ceremonies. A role that taught him how to deal different situations, how to capture the attention of thousands of volunteers, organize auditions and learned…. just a hint of that is behind this enormous machine that is called CEREMONIES!

    Adding to all this, the magic that Artistic Director Dimitris Papaioannou would create every time he would be on the mic and lead a rehearsal, made Nikos… simply fall in love with this job. Being in the director’s booth and talking to the thousands of volunteer cast through their innears the night of the Opening Ceremony, seeing the effort of thousands of people coming together, years of preperation, all coming real for that ONE show… was one of the most unforgetable moments of his life.
    Learning from the best in their field, but also being involved in a project where it’s absolutely not possible to be doing what you’re doing if you not willing to give your 100% of your time, passion, dedication, effort and love. Without even realizing it, the barre was set extremely high for everything else that would follow till the day we speak…

Athens 2004 olympic games parade Nikos Lagousakos

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