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    The Inspiration Festival of the Arts organized by VDNH Park in Moscow was a three day marathon of numerous performances that took place at the end of July in 2016 in VDNH, Moscow’s biggest park.

    Each day was dedicated to a different art form. Day 1: Theater. Day 2: Dance. Day 3: Music.

    Nikos Lagousakos, Creative Director of Dance Day conceived a day full of activities, performances and workshops that were staged in various parts of the park.
    Architecture was the leading theme that inspired choreographers and companies in staging their work through unconventional ways while the visitors of the park had the chance to re discover VDNH through dance. The stairs and columns of the pavilions were turned into an architectural stage while in other cases a sand field, a fountain, a tree or the woods became a natural theatre.

    Using the idea of a Flash Mob and how people become part of a ‘group’ by participating in a spontaneous public performance, we managed to involve a stunning number of 5.000 visitors of the park and have them dancing all together.

    The evening finished with Russian Blueprint, a tribute show celebrating the beauty of Dance. Each scene was dedicated to one of the five foundational concepts of dance: Space, Time, Action, Body, Energy. The Architecture of Cultural Pavilion 66 hosted seven different dance styles in this ambitious one hour show that was seen by more than 10.000 people.

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