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    After having worked as a choreographer for several opera productions next to other directors, Artistic Director Alberto Triola decided to trust Lagousakos the staging of the most anticipated opera of 39th edition of the Festival Della Valle D’Itria in Martina Franca, in 2013. Maria di Venosa written by Francesco D’Avalos in 1930, was executed only once, as a concert in London in 1992.

    Having been written by D’Avalos as music for a silent movie, Nikos decided to create a dance theatre performance, entrusting the three main roles to dancers: Marco Rigamonti as the excellent madrigalist Carlo Gesualdo, Gloria Dorliguzzo as his wife and Riccardo Callia as her lover, both murdered by the famous composer.

    The minimal but multifunctional set of Justin Arienti worked as the place of action for the characters as well as the mind of the assassin, now closed in a madhouse. Video artist Matthias Schnabel created different environments for the characters and explored mysterious atmospheres in perfect synch with the lights of Giuseppe Callabrò.

    The production received outstanding reviews from the Italian press, with Paolo Isotta writing for Corriere Della Sera that 2013 was worth living for having been present to this world premiere, calling Nikos Lagousakos direction and choreography genius.

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