Nikos Lagousakos - Director Choreographer

Nikos Lagousakos’ versatility, initially as a choreographer and since a few years also as a director, has brought him around the world working with some of the biggest event production companies. He has collaborated with the most prestigious creative teams for stadium ceremonies, private events and shows, as well as concerts, opera and theatre productions.

He is known for his detail in movement quality no matter if it’s a theatrical piece of one, or a mass choreography of hundreds.

In 2016 Nikos was the Creative Director of Dance Day, in Moscow. He conceived, curated and directed a day full of dance performances and activities, for the Inspiration Festival of the Arts.

Nikos has worked as a choreographer for several Opera productions in some of the most important theatres and festivals in Italy as well as other European cities. His debut as a Director for an Opera production in 2013 received oustanding reviews from the Italian press.

He is known for the collaborative work he creates with performers from different countries, using their culture in a way that it becomes accessible and eventually speaks to everybody, transforming tradition through current and modern vocabulary.

Nikos Lagousakos - Chorapher Director

His eye for detail as well as his capability of leading a team of professionals such as set, costume and light designers, has led him in various occasions into taking care of the development of the concept and overviewing the general picture of shows he’s involved in.

In 2012 he was a guest professor at USC of Los Angeles, teaching Choreography as well as directing the annual show of the Dance Repertory Company of the University of Southern California.