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    As soon as the Winter Olympics of Turin in 2006 finished and after Nikos had done his first stadium choreography himself for the Opening ceremony of the Pralympics that year, Marco Astarita, technical director of the Olympics, produced the Opening ceremony of the LXXX World Fencing Championship with his company Dooley SRL, asking Nikos to Direct and Choreograph it. A risky bet that payed off with a hugely successful ceremony. A show during day light that without having the help of lights and special effects it had to be based all on the human material and the performance of the cast. This gave the chance to Nikos to try out for the first time what he wanted to bring in the world of Ceremonies: elegance, story telling, dance theatre and fusion on other kind of disciplines with mass choreography. He took fencing lessons for several months, followed Kendo classes, worked with Capoeira virtuoists and Tango experts in order to find the right way and bring balance between sports and performance!

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